Dark street

At our April 24, 2024 MacArthur Park Neighborhood Council Meeting, LAPD Senior Lead Officer Diaz provided a crime update focusing on the street lights that are out in community. He noted that lights are out all over the area including 6th, Alvarado, Wilshire and more. The good news is that the park’s lights are on and many buildings are well lit, but the lack of light fosters crime and makes it hard for officers to be visible. Usually, once a request is received by the Bureau of Street Lighting, it takes three months for them to investigate and identify how many lights are out. Repair can take 9 months or longer.

MPNC President Andrew Wolff, said about crime, “Whatever we do, we are going to be working with law enforcement every step of the way.”

To submit a request for street lights go to https://myla311.lacity.org/

Board members brought up questions about illegal landlord evictions and Officer Diaz shared that evictions are handled by the Sheriff and LAPD does not get involved.

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