mpnc repair vote

MacArthur Park, Your voice matters! It’s time to vote for the projects you want to see in your community. With L.A. REPAIR participatory budgets, you can decide how public funds are used. Vote online now through April 7th on repair. lacity. gov.

Projects include:

  • Beyond the Classroom: for 100 high schoolers to receive hands on experience, industry exposure and digital literacy skills
  • Full Educational Pathway to Uplift Westlake Youth: for 1,400 middle school and high school students
  • Students Lead: Education and Youth Development Program: 2,000 youth
  • Homefront Westlake: Preventing Homelessness and Promoting Stability: Intervention for 500 individuals and families
  • PATH Casa Azul: Short term housing for 82 women
  • Empowering Westlake through Employment