MacArthur Park Lake

In 2019, LASAN submitted the MacArthur Lake Rehabilitation Project for consideration for the Safe Clean Water Program’s inaugural round of regional funding, and in late 2020, the LA County Board of Supervisors approved approximately $20 million in Safe Clean Water Program regional funding for the MacArthur Lake Rehabilitation Project.

State-of-the-Art Nature-Based Technologies

“The funding provided by the Safe Clean Water Program will allow LA Sanitation & Environment to focus on additional improvements at MacArthur Lake that will build on past work,” stated Enrique Zaldivar, Director and General Manager of LASAN. “As a flagship project for the City’s Safe Clean Water Program, the MacArthur Lake Rehabilitation Project will utilize state-of-the-art nature-based technologies to improve water quality, while mitigating downstream flooding and creating recreational and resiliency benefits for the local community,” continued Zaldivar.

The objectives of the MacArthur Lake Rehabilitation Project include:

  • Improve lake water quality;
  • Offset potable water use by using captured stormwater;
  • Enhance the park through sustainable greening and nature-based solutions;
  • Increase regional educational opportunities;
  • Improve the recreational value of the park; and,
  • Achieve federal regulatory compliance for the Ballona Creek watershed.

Once complete, the MacArthur Lake Rehabilitation Project will work to capture and store rainwater and improve the environment. Here are the goals:

  • Capture and store stormwater during rain events to replenish the lake’s water levels and irrigate the park, reducing the park’s use of potable water;
  • Remove trash, oil and grease, nutrients, bacteria, metals and hydrocarbons  from the polluted urban runoff flowing from an adjacent 216-acre watershed;
  • Divert stormwater to the Hyperion Water Reclamation Plant for treatment and use;
  • Construct nature-based solutions (e.g. bioswales, wetlands) to improve the lake’s water quality.

This project will also set the stage for future projects aimed specifically at enhancing and revitalizing the park as well as establishing connectivity with Lafayette Park and future adjacent green streets, which is a stormwater management approach that incorporates trees and shrubs, soil, and engineered systems to slow, filter and clean stormwater runoff from sidewalks and streets.

Because of the breadth and size of the MacArthur Lake Rehabilitation Project, this project will take approximately five years to complete; however, LA Sanitation & Environment is confident that once finished, MacArthur Lake will welcome families, children and the community at large and reclaim its place as one of LA’s great regional destinations.

If you would like to receive periodic updates on the MacArthur Lake Rehabilitation Project, please send an e-mail to to be placed on the project stakeholder list.

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