vendedores presente

The LA Times reports on a new Augmented Reality art installation which can be seen by Snapchat users on Snapchat when they visit 5 different locations around the city including MacArthur Park.

The exhibit is called “LACMA × Snapchat: Monumental Perspectives” and the MacArthur Park work is known as “¡Vendedores Presente!”. Viewers see brightly colored fruit and food vendor carts and food positioned around the lake and floating in the air.

Ruben “Ochoa’s work honors the lives and stories of local street vendors and includes a link to vendor resources and nonprofit advocates,” according to the LA Times


Image credit: Ruben Ochoa’s augmented reality work “¡Vendedores Presente!” premieres Tuesday as part of a LACMA project with Snapchat.(Ruben Ochoa and Snap Inc.)